What is a Home Watch Service?

Florida is paradise… but there are many things that can go wrong while you’re away. We provide periodic inspections of your home to help prevent the unexpected from becoming a costly expense.

With our home watch service, you can customize the number of visits and types of services to meet your specific needs.

Early detection is the key to saving money. You can pay now for a qualified home watch service or pay much more later to repair the damage.


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Bonded & Insured

What Do We Look For While at Your Home?

During each visit we will perform the following:

  • Exterior perimeter security check
  • Insect & pest infestation check
  • Water damage / leaks and mold check
  • Storm damages check
  • Plumbing check / cycle the water
  • Pool monitoring
  • Lawn & Landscape monitoring
  • Removal of newspaper and fliers from front door.
  • Operation check of air conditioners, and all major appliances.
  • Water heater for leaks & corrosion
  • Humidity check and proper air temperature check.
  • Check circuit breaker panels
  • Check and reset clocks on appliances
  • Garage check for attempted access, insects, pests & rodents

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Who do You Trust with Your Keys?

Do you have anyone watching your home or are you just hoping that nothing will go wrong?

Do you currently have family, friends or neighbors watching your home

Are they able to give you the commitment of time required to do the job effectively?

Are they thorough & knowledgeable?

Do they know what to look for?

Do they have the time and contacts needed to resolve unexpected issues?

Are they reliable and consistent with weekly or biweekly inspections?

Are they insured and bonded?


Scheduled inspections by a professional can mean the difference between Damage and Disaster

We want to ensure your return home is a pleasant one!